ESA QEFT Lab QC Tech Center

The second quantum revolution is underway, leading to the emergence of new quantum technologies with far-reaching impact. The European Space Agency has funded a study to establish a European reference testing facility in quantum communications.

Center for quantum communications technology (QC Tech) will be established in 2021 by a team from the University of Vigo.
QC Tech will develop theoretical and experimental work in quantum communications applied to both aerospace and terrestrial industries.

QC Tech will have public and private partnerships with the participation of local and regional administrations and the support of the Spanish government.R&D efforts of QC Tech will initially focus on quantum key distribution (QKD) in both wired and free space communications.The center is expected to attract talent and create new business initiatives, making it a poll of attraction for tech companies and through the creation of spin-offs.

The future Spanish facility will help grow European leadership in quantum technology for an estimated market of 22 billion euros in 2025.

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