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New talk: Lecture Room A019 EI Telecommunication – University of Vigo and recorded webinar 03/06/2022 11:00-14:00

Jose Capmany: “Ipronics: programmable photonics, a success story ”.

Nueva charla: Sala A019 EI Telecomunicaciones- Universidad de Vigo y webinar grabado 03/06/2022 11:00-14:00

Jose Capmany: “Ipronics: la fotónica programable, un caso de éxito”.

Conference Friday 22nd April 2022: Lecture Room A021 EI Telecommunication – University of Vigo 10:00-14:00

Francisco Soares: “High-Q integrated photonics” – Design, characteristics and needs for reliability and PIC operationJosé Pozo: “From PhD to CEO-advancing your career” – Improve your skills learning how to advance in your entrepreneurship skills


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