QOPHI Lab is currently hosting all the ESRs in the DRIVE-In project. QOPHI Lab is an experimental facility, provided with capacity for RF and DC measurements of photonics integrated circuits, with office space and located at the EI Telecomunicacion / atlanTTic Research Center at the University of Vigo. ESRs will develop their respective research packages and attend scientific training while being in Vigo.

DRIVE-In ESRs started their secondments in Bright Photonics, Eindhoven, Netherlands

Francis Tian, Jiaxing Dong and Vahram Voskerchyan started a secondment period, hosted by Bright Photonics, respectively in September, October and November 2021. After completing their training at the University of Vigo, they will continue working in their respective WPs while experiencing the real design house working routine with customer projects.

ECOC 2021 – European Conference on Optical Communication

ESRs have attended the European Conference on Optical Communications, 13 sept 2021 – 15 sept 2021 in Bordeaux (, where they have presented their recent results on tilted gratings applied to LIDAR integrated photonics.

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